The basic directions of work:

  • Performance of scientific-research activities in the field of geographic information technologies;
  • Engineering and realization of geographic information systems;
  • Development of the system and application software of GIS;
  • Organization of education, professional development and training of users of geographic information systems;
  • Provision of consultancy services in the field of geographic information systems and technologies;
  • Designing and realization of Web-systems.

During the design process we and the customers carefully examine the automation objects, it allows the customer to efficiently use the developed software systems.

During the projects realization we select such tools, which solve the formulated tasks and minimize the cost of project development and simplify its maintenance in the future.

Testing at all stages of the work ensures high reliability of software products.

After the end of the development and introduction of the project in all matters, arising during the maintenance, detailed consultations are given.