1. 1 Electronic mapping.
  2. 2 Development of system and application software of geographic information systems.
  3. 3 Design and development of automated control systems and information-analytical systems of decision making support.
  4. 4 Development and introduction of applied of geographic information systems:

    • municipal geographic information systems;
    • land information-analytical systems;
    • information-analytical systems of communal property management;
    • corporate geographic information systems;
    • emergency response systems;
    • systems of ecological monitoring of territories;
    • monitoring systems of mobile objects;
    • information-analytical systems of management of agro-industrial complex;
    • informational and analytical control systems of engineering networks;

  5. 5 Creation of the systems of the automated designing of engineering networks:
    • hydraulic calculation of house gas network;
    • hydraulic calculation of gas distribution networks.

Completed projects: