Licenses, certificates, diplomas

  1. License by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine № AA 485778 for topographic- geodesic and cartographic works.
  2. Diploma in the category “Discovery of the Year” of Kharkov Charitable Foundation “People’s Book” for presentation kit “Kharkov – 350”. «Kharkov – 350».
  3. Quality certificate of Kharkov Regional State Administration for the publication of informational project “Kharkov 2000”.
  4. Certificate of conformance to current standards № UA.ODS-054.016-05 of software product “Hydraulic calculation of natural gas distribution networks”.
  5. Certificate of conformance to current standards № UA.ODS-054.017-05 of software product “Calculation of in-house gas networks”.
  6. Licenses for the use of university software products:

    • MapObjects;
    • MapObjects IMS;
    • ArcView 3.2a;
    • Spatial Analyst 2.0;
    • Network Analyst;
    • 3-D Analyst 1.0;
    • ArcGIS 8.x – 9.0