Information-analytical system of the agroindustrial complex of Kharkov region


Informational-analytical system (IAS) of the agroindustrial complex is the three-level system with distributed data processing. Informational-analytical system of the agroindustrial complex is built using GIS technologies. At all levels (regional level, district level and the level of economy) spatial and semantic information about the objects of agroindustrial complex is used.

The of information-analytical system of agroindustrial complex consists of subsystem of dispatching service, designed for rapid collection of information about the current state of affairs at each level of the enterprises of agroindustrial complex of the region. Information basis of the regional level of the system is:

  • Electronic map of the region with associated objects of agroindustrial complex. Each object of agroindustrial complex has the appropriate attributes in the database.
  • Electronic map of district area contains information about the area of agricultural enterprises and their characteristics.
  • Level of economy. 1:10,000 scale map contains information about the fields of agriculture and crops that are grown on them.

The system allows you to build queries to the database fields and generate reports on various criteria: the growing crops, agro-technical measures, productivity indicators, etc.


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