Laboratory of Geographic Information Systems and Computer Graphics was established in 2002 on the basis of the research division of the Department of Engineering and Computer Graphics Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (according to the order № 242 of 01.11.2011 the Department was renamed in the Department of Media Systems and Technologies). The main scientific direction of the department in the past years was work on the automation and mechanization of drawings and graphic works. Since 1985, the department has created a number of models of digitizers, which were exhibited at the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy and awarded silver and bronze medals. Since 1988, the department has a new scientific direction - geographic information systems and technologies. Within this framework were developed GIS applications for a variety of applications.



  • Performance of scientific-research activities in the field of geographic information technologies;
  • Engineering and realization of geographic information systems;
  • Development of the system and application software of GIS;
  • Organization of education, professional development and training of users of geographic information systems;
  • Provision of consultancy services in the field of geographic information systems and technologies;
  • Designing and realization of Web-systems;


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Technologies The laboratory of geographic information systems uses the most modern technologies and development tools. In a short time spent in the market of information technologies, the laboratory received: licenses, certificates, diplomas. The laboratory uses such tools and programs: licenses, certificates, diplomas.

The laboratory uses such tools and programs:


  • GP "VostokGeoInform"
  • NVP "Kartografija"
  • KP "Gorodskoj informacionnyj centr"
  • OOO "Zeminform"
  • AO "Regional'nyj centr sodejstvija biznesu "
  • NPKF OOO "Sigma"
  • Kharkov branch of AO "UkrSat"
  • The company ECOMN Co
  • The company DATA +
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